Email Marketing Strategies with Mary McLeod of If I Made

Episode #42

Are you still debating on whether or not you should start an email list? Today’s show is all about email marketing strategies and why you should start your email list RIGHT NOW. Mary McLeod is the marketing manager at If I Made, and has been in the wedding industry for almost a decade. Previously a floral designer and wedding planner, Mary took her love of weddings and channeled it into course creation and marketing for the last 4 years at If I Made. Mary is an expert on all things email marketing! She has helped If I Made expand their business through email marketing strategies that we can’t wait to share with you! Here is a sneak peek of what this episode consists of: [4:10] WHY Email Marketing [11:28] You don’t own your followers, but you do own your email list [19:23] Using one piece of content for multiple platforms [27:43] Email Marketing Trends for 2021 (a good place to pull video) [38:18] Email Marketing Softwares Make sure to join our free (RENTAL PRO MASTERCLASS!) (Sign up for Flodesk here!) Next week we will drop an episode about our upcoming webinar!

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