#115. The Process Needed For Expanding Your Offerings

This week on the Render Podcast, Cam discusses how to expand your offerings in your rental company and how to make the best decisions moving forward on expanding. The thought of expanding or adding another product/service may sound daunting but it shouldn’t! Keep in mind the tips from this episode, and plan to succeed by listening to Cam’s advice on this topic. 


Grab a notepad, open slack, or start an Asana task list because we are about to cover a lot pretty quickly and you will not want to miss anything!


Here is a sneak peek of what this episode consists of:

[4:37] Core Steps For Expansion Intro

[9:20] What’re Your Clients Asking For

[21:23] Talking With Your Team About Expanding Offerings

[26:28] How Much Do You Charge?

[36:08] Marketing + Maintaining Your New Offering 


Product or Affiliate Links

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DFW Industry Friends Facebook Group - A virtual platform for events industry professionals to make requests, engage in conversation on trending topics, and ask for advice or assistance on client projects.


Stay tuned for next week’s topic!


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